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Powerfully simple threat hunting software.

Easily identify and investigate hidden threats within your network.

Infocyte HUNT® automates and simplifies threat hunting — traditionally, a specialized knowledge and services-heavy process — making it easier for security teams to investigate threats capable of evading your cybersecurity defenses and helping you mitigate the breach detection gap.

Most vulnerabilities remain undiscovered — within your network, systems, and devices — for months, sometimes years. In fact, the average global dwell time is 169 days.

Infocyte uses Forensic State Analysis (FSA) — strikingly different from EDR, IOC, and UBA tools — to comprehensively analyze and validate endpoints in search of threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Agentless, automated surveys are fast and lightweight
  • Detect breach activity that other tools are prone to miss
  • Reduce dwell time to limit breach damage and recovery costs
  • Deployable within Windows and/or Linux environments

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