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Admittedly, most IT professionals would not characterize the threat and consequences of cyberattack as a ‘game’. To most, it is best characterized as a ‘war’. But “that’s not exactly right” writes Martin Barrett in a recent article on the SecurityIntelligence website.

He makes a good case – though many of us IN the game aren’t always having a good time playing it!

He discusses a free resource that you might find helpful. The free e-book titled “Staying Ahead of the Cyber Security Game” may be a little dated (published in 2014) but it offers some suggestions that are still valid and helpful for IT professionals that desire to take a strategic approach to cybersecurity.

The e-book clearly identifies the major challenges that IT professionals face on a daily basis and offers tangible steps for dealing with them. Some of the topics include:

  • Alignment between security and IT operations in creating a plan for incident response;
  • Security by design in the software development process;
  • Shadow IT and how businesses accommodate cloud-based applications to enable workers;
  • Making security work for users so they don’t need to work around it;
  • Thinking like an attacker and finding your own weaknesses before the bad guys do;
  • How to recover from a breach — because it’s a matter of when, not if; and
  • Learning how to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

The e-book is a great resource and can be read in whole or by topics of interest. Click the link above for the free download.

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