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Great article for all of us that make difficult decisions on how to invest limited resources available for cybersecurity. 

To summarize, tech author Giulio D’Agostino writes that the top three priorities should be:

1. Visibility – being able to visualize your entire network quickly and easily can highlight areas of vulnerability and allow you to focus resources strategically.

2. Upgrading – Can any portion of your network be upgraded? Then it probably SHOULD be! Legacy enterprise solutions just won’t stand up to the sophistication and proliferation of modern and future cyberattacks.

3. Detection – The old strategy of prevention is also not adequate in today’s cyber-threat landscape. The new model includes detection and the understanding that it’s not a matter of IF but WHEN a security breach has or will occur.

The Network Security and Management Team at the NordStar Group is dedicated to helping our customers accomplish these three objectives. Our close, strategic partnerships with industry leaders like HPE and Aruba Networks are great examples of how we combine best-of-class hardware, software, and personnel. From award-winning security products to world class certified ‘white hat’ hackers on our penetration teams, we are able to  provide solutions to any size of business or infrastructure.

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