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Cybersecurity is more painful to manage as technology architectures become more complex. Simplify your approach by avoiding these major security mistakes.

In the online version of InformationWeek, Lisa Morgan discusses the top 8 cybersecurity mistakes that MANY organizations make that put them at risk of cyber attack. She asserts, and we agree, that companies need to figure out what is the acceptable level of risk they are willing to live with concerning their data security.

She also lists the following top 8 cybersecurity mistakes that organizations make that put their company at risk.

  1. They deny they’re a target
  2. They’re unaware of their assets
  3. Cybersecurity is viewed as a technology problem
  4. Cybersecurity functions as an island
  5. They don’t understand the scope of their risks
  6. They don’t know what to address first
  7. They’re not testing
  8. They lack an effective security strategy

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Protecting your organization’s data requires quite a few tools and a few really good partners. NordStar Group assembles the best talent, products and software to create a formidable security assessment team that can expose vulnerabilities and remedy potential problem areas BEFORE your organization becomes a victim of any kind of cyber attack.

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