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Hackers are targeting your old fax machines, Israeli cybersecurity firm warns

Check Point: Security flaws in 45 million business fax machines worldwide could be used as a backdoor into otherwise protected networks

LONDON (AP) — What could be less threatening than the old office fax machine? Nothing. That’s precisely why it’s used as a backdoor for hackers to get into an organization’s network.

Check Point, a cybersecurity firm in Israel, said Sunday that its research discovered security flaws in tens of millions of fax machines.

The hack works by sending an image file through the phone line — or a file that the fax machine thinks is an image file — and that is coded to contain malicious software. When a company receives the photo, the image is decoded and uploaded into the fax-printer’s memory, allowing the hackers to take over the device and spreading the malicious code through the network.

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What can you do to protect your systems from this kind of attack?

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