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“Compute refers to applications and workloads that require a great deal of computation, necessitating sufficient resources to handle these computation demands in an efficient manner.”

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The Hortonworks connected data suite family of solutions delivers end to end capabilities for data-in-motion and data-at-rest. Hortonworks DataFlow collects, curates, analyzes and delivers real-time data from the Internet of Anything (IoAT) – devices, sensors clickstreams, log files and more.

Hortonworks Data Platform  enables the creation of a secure enterprise data lake and delivers the analytics you need to innovate fast and power real-time business insights. This hadoop data platform implementation for your data center provides scalable, fault-tolerant and cost-efficient big data storage and processing capabilities with powerful tools for governance and security.

Together, Houston based NordStar Group, Hortonworks DataFlow and Hortonworks Data Platform empower the deployment of modern data applications. For more information on Hortonworks visit here.