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Life Cycle Management - Recertified Equipment

Managing IT equipment throughout the entire life cycle is one of the major responsibilities of the IT department staff. Reduction of failures and prevention of data loss are two of the most important goals of equipment life cycle management. Consider for a moment the costs and consequences of either of these factors on your business. Keeping your existing IT infrastructure operational is paramount to the successful operation of the business. 

Companies base their life cycle management on one of three criteria: capital budgets, warranty expiration or equipment failure.

NSG has a long history of working with companies to extend the useful life of existing infrastructure through our Factory Recertified Equipment program. 

Disaster Recovery

While all IT professionals hope there will never be a disaster that damages or destroys their system, it is only prudent to be prepared. Rather than purchasing a new system as a backup, a comparable system composed of Factory Recertified hardware can be purchased at a significant savings for DR purposes.


Companies generally devote non-production systems to the developmental staff rather than run the risk of performing these functions on production systems. Software application development is generally more reliant on the operating system rather than the hardware platform. Factory recertified equipment can be an excellent option for your development systems.


A large amount of testing is usually required prior to implementation of new hardware, software or software upgrades. In most cases, this testing can not be done on the production system without causing conflict issues. A clone of the operational system can be built using Factory Recertified hardware.


Companies have applications that are critical to day-to-day operations. Because of the critical nature of these applications, having a back-up system that can be quickly restored is imperative. When the primary system fails, the back-up system will seamlessly take its place. Purchasing a separate system for redundancy can be a costly expenditure. Factory recertified equipment can fill this gap for you.

Legacy Replacement / Upgrades

Many companies have applications specific to their business that are running on systems that have gone end of life (EOL) or are no longer supported by the manufacturers. Due to budget constraints or incompatibility it doesn’t make sense to acquire a new system. Factory recertified replacements can be used to keep your system operational until the end of its life cycle.

Extra Capacity

Sometimes, you simply need extra capacity based on your business operations or seasonal demands. Acquisition of new equipment for extra capacity can be problematic from both a purchase lead-time option or due to cost constraints. Factory recertified hardware can be an advantageous alternative from both a compatibility and cost standpoint.

NSG understands that your IT department is under constant budget constraints from both a capital and operational expense standpoint. We know that factory certified hardware does not make sense for every situation but we have the knowledge and experience to help you make an informed decision. Let us assist you in determining the best alternative to extend the life of your current system based on your specific requirements.