Data Protection

In today’s worldwide economy one of your most valuable assets is information. You data is under constant attack from both internal and external threats. Regardless of where it resides, on the network or in the cloud, prevention of data against loss or compromise requires multiple layers of protection. A successful data protection infrastructure consists of both hardware and software integrated into one cohesive system.

NSG understands data protection. We face many of the same threats to our data that our customers face every day. NSG can help you with the challenges of securing your data through our partner network of companies specializing in data protection hardware and software. We can analyze your current infrastructure, design and implement a complete data protection program or strengthen your current program. Regardless of your organization size, call NSG for your data protection needs.


Network Security:

Network security appliances form the foundation of a secure network. SonicWALL firewalls integrate intrusion prevention, malware protection and Application Intelligence and Control. The scalability of SonicWALL’s network security appliances meets the needs of the most high performance networks regardless of size.

Secure Remote Access:

Mobility has transformed today’s workforce with more remote devices and platforms. Workers require access in order to function efficiently even in the smallest of organizations. NSG’s portfolio of Secure Remote Access Appliances has a solution to fit every size business while remaining budget friendly. Our Secure Remote Access solutions enable secure mobile access to critical applications and data without compromising security.

Anti-Spam and Email Security Solutions:

For effective communications, you require a secure email system. Your email security system should fit your business and not require you to change the way you do business. NSG offers a wide selection of email security solutions for your unique environment. Regardless of your organizations size, we offer email protection options from appliances and software to virtual appliances and services. All of NSG’s solutions offer powerful, effective protection from spam, phishing and viruses with a low total cost of ownership.

Management and Reporting:

Gain valuable insight into your security products and services along with ease of use and management. NSG offers a variety of management and reporting options to fit your organization. The Management System allows you to centrally manage and deploy firewall, anti-spam, backup and recovery, and secure remote access solutions with its flexible deployment. Also available is a traffic analytics, visualization and reporting tool to quantify and troubleshoot your network resources.

Simplify and secure your infrastructure and data with NSG Data Protection solutions.