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IT Maintenance Services

NSG provides a wide range of repair and maintenance services with both component and parts replacements for your IT infrastructure. The number one priority is to keep systems up and running and minimize downtime. We understand that IT Departments have to support both legacy and current systems and upkeep of those systems can cause a drain on resources. To keep your systems operational, you need a supplier that can provide replacement, repairs or parts for both current and legacy systems. Downtime of these systems means loss of productivity and lost opportunities for your business. With our staff and industry relationships, NSG can work with you to keep your systems at maximum operability.

Parts and Components

NSG carries a full line of replacement parts, components and peripherals for every level of hardware in your infrastructure. We have a vast inventory of in-stock items such as CPUs, motherboards, hard drives, memory, cards, controllers and power supplies. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we can normally leverage our industry relationships to have what you need on a next-day basis. Whether you are looking for replacement parts for legacy systems, system upgrades or support for your system, NSG can provide what you need at the right price.

Repair and Service

At times you don’t need replacement equipment, but simply repair of your existing equipment. IT managers depend on fast and reliable repairs when there’s a problem with their hardware. A multi-vendor repair and service provider like NSG can be the difference in keeping a system operational and suffering from unexpected downtime. NSG’s certified technicians have the background, training and experience to service equipment from legacy to current production products across multiple platforms.

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