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Systems Design

Companies are looking for solutions to make the company more efficient, streamline operations or to solve a problem they are encountering. Business issues and problems are becoming more complex and as a consequence, the solutions are also more complex. At the same time, many manufacturers make it a point to offer “Their Way” as a solution.

NSG believes that in order to provide the best solution, a logical system design process is more relevant than ever before. When working with you to design your solution, we take your input and look at both the logical design and the physical design, and come up with a custom design that fits your needs.

We apply Albert Einstein’s axiom to our system design processes in order to make sure you get the system you need without making it more complex than necessary.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. (A. Einstein)

Areas we consider at NSG when working with you to design your optimum system include:

Problem/Requirements Definition What are you trying to accomplish with the system?
Proof of Concept How will a specific product meet your challenges? Is it viable in your environment?
Input Requirements How will users input information to the system?
Output Requirements How should data be represented and presented to users?
Storage Requirements Where and how should data be stored to meet requirements at both the corporate and regulatory levels?
Processing Requirements What applications will be run on the system?
System Control How is the system and its information secured and validated?
Backup and Recovery What method and equipment is required to protect the integrity of the data and allow its retrieval?