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Integration Services

Have any of these scenarios ever happened to you?

Your system arrives but won’t work with existing systems because your supplier didn’t take the effort to look at your existing systems, specifications and/or requirements.

You order a new system expecting it to arrive ready to use. Instead, you receive multiple boxes containing servers, memory, hard drives, etc. and you have to integrate.

A supplier over commits and under delivers?

NSG specializes in all types of integration services for hardware, systems and projects. Our customer focused perspective allows us to perform to the level you require. We know you expect a complete, working system, not pieces and parts! You also expect your supplier to follow your specifications, not just ship you a base system from the manufacturer. We work with you to make sure your system will fit your needs and will allow for future growth.


Areas we consider at NSG when working with you to design your optimum system include:

Hardware Integration:

Unlike many other vendors, when you purchase a system from NSG, we have the components shipped to our facility and completely integrated according to your specifications. Optionally, we can also install any required operating software according to your requirements.

Systems Integration:

In today’s IT environment no one system generally stands alone. NSG knows a system you purchase is required to integrate seamlessly with your other on site systems. We supply the system you have specified to successfully integrate with your existing environment. In many cases, we can supply on-site integration services to assist you in implementation.

Project Integration:

NSG experts can work with your IT staff throughout the entire project integration process. Our experts have years of project integration experience to help you with the successful completion of your project.

In all phases of NSG’s integration process, systems are put through our rigorous testing and quality control to assure that the system is operational and works as designed. You benefit from our experience and knowledge to do the job right the first time. In addition, NSG’s integration services can free up your IT staff’s valuable time to concentrate on other projects within your organization.

Simplify the process and save time and money with NSG Integration Services.