About NSG

NordStar Group (NSG) began operations in early 2009 with a highly qualified staff of IT professionals. Each member of our management team has in excess of 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. NSG has built a company with some of the brightest individuals in the industry to create a single entity that is capable of providing IT solutions in today’s complex and competitive market.

NSG has grown into a major IT solutions provider on the principle that each of our clients has unique characteristics and requirements that requires individualized solutions. There are NO “one size fits all” solutions and we pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions that satisfy each client’s specific situation. We truly strive to become a valued partner with each client, not just another IT vendor.


The NordStar Group name is a combination of French and English, which stands for North Star. The North Star has historically been used for navigation to find direction and has always been used to find your way home. It always appears due north in the sky and never changes.

NordStar has taken this as our logo and the basis for our mission to be the leader in our industry offering direction, guidance and stability for your IT requirements. We will always be there for our customers, no matter what direction they are moving towards with their IT needs.

NordStar Group (NSG), we are not just your vendor, we are your partner!